mardi 30 novembre 2010

Raquel's easy satchel bag

Old pictures but great bag : the "easy satchel" bag, by Yves Saint Laurent.
I really love this expansive (1.495 $) bag ! Do you like it ?

The ways to wear Raquel's skirt

Raquel wore a skirt by Zara (TRF - 22,95 euros) during the japanese gp.

I love the way she wore it with boots, but i don't like this large t'shirt.

On Zara's website, they show us other ways to wear it, which one is your fav' ?

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Raquel loves Hugo Boss

Raquel is prety addict to the Hugo Boss collections since 2008. For different events, she wore dresses/shoes from this brand, for a casual look but too for a classy one !

At the 2008 Australian Gp

For the promotion of the movie "Barbie" (dress + shoes)

At the event "Venus Gilette" in Madrid (2008 - dress +shoes)

And more recently, at the event of the Cadena 100.

Do you like Raquel when she is wearing Hugo Boss ?

dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Fashion flash-back : Nikita shirt

When she made the add for Seat, Raquel wore a cute shirt from Nikita !

As i said before, she loves this street-style brand ! And i think it's just perfect on her !

In 2005, she had a more casual look, and when she is wearing Nikita, it remember me this age.

Do you like it ?

samedi 6 novembre 2010

Raquel and her Bimby y lola heels

Raquel has some luxury shoes, but she can also buy some sandals from more casual brand, just like the spanish one Bimba y Lola !

I love these shoes, and especially the "pyramid" heel ! They remember me those from Marni !

Raquel looked sexy in Valence with these heels and short short !!