samedi 19 mars 2011

Raquel in Rome

This week, Raquel made a quick step to Roma to sing again with Luca.

For the show she wore a nice dress by Asos (45euros) with her Louboutin 'Madame Claude'. I really love the shape of the dress. She has already wear such a look (asos green-lemon dress with white louboutin this summer), and i really love it ! this colour is perfect with her skin !
I really love the hair too, it's elegant and fresh at the same time !

vendredi 11 mars 2011

Photoshoot by Ruben Fernandez

Raquel made an amazing photoshoot with her friends Ruben Fernandez for her website.

On the pictures, Raquel looks stunning with some expansive Louboutin's shoes, But also with cute shorts from H&M (summer 2010), 34,99 euros.

I really love these shorts with the combat boots. Do you like it ?
You can find combat boots everywhere ! i don't know the brand of the ones Raquel is wearing, but i show you some pairs you could buy.

San Remo look : Monday

For the first day in Sanremo, Raquel wore a really nice dress from Urban Outfitters (by Silence & Noise) who costed only 79$ !

This dress made good impression ! First i thought it was from BCBG !

The only thing i didn't like is that the dress is so short, and with this high heels (from Luciano Barachini)Raquel's legs look sooooo long, and so the bust looked so court: it was a bad balance...