jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Aldo cutout sandals

Raquel bought some sandals from Aldo !

These shoes are really similar of those by Miu-Miu, but really less expansive !

Raquel loves them and wore them several times ! A good choice !

Raquel is Met destroyed !

Raquel wore her destroyed jeans by MET for a session for Ewan and too in Japan !
I love the way she wore it, realy simply, without "rock" excess. Do you like it ?

lundi 11 octobre 2010

Raquel loves Hector Riccione's boots

Raquel is addict to the cute, original and sensationnal boots from Hector Riccione !!

Model "Lacci" in black - 170 euros on

Model 'Traforato' in brown - 180 euros on

These boots are so cool, i'm totally mad about these shoes and i think i'll buy one of them ! (those in brown : soooo amazing !!!)

Raquel in Japan

For this week end of Gp, Raquel choose some casual, but chic, clothes to feel comfortable and appropriated to the changing weather of Suzuka !

On saturday, she wore a lined t'shirt from h&m, a black militaey jacket from French Connection (90 euros), jeans from MET and boots with laces (from Asos ?). I really love this necklace with a red heart, but don't know the brand.

On sunday, a printed t'shirt from h&m divided (12,95eu), a lace skirt from Zara TRF (22,95 eu) , and some indian boots from Hector (180eu). She didn't forget her Rayban sunglasses !

I like these oufit, and especially the boots of sunday, do you like it ?

mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Raquel loves the "urban style"

For a casual look, Raquel often choose "urban brands" like Nikita, Callate la Boca, Guru or Wesc !

Their t'shirts are perfect on her and these brands have quality (and original) clothes for a good price ! Check their websites !

mardi 5 octobre 2010

If you love Raquel, you have to check this great site about the spanish singer !

All the news and the pictures about Raquel are there ! and my friend Klau' always make great design !!!

So please go to her site, you'll love it !

you can also follow her on twitter :

Raquel is BCBG addict !

Raquel del Rosario is a huge fan of BCBG ! She often wears their dresses : during her concerts, tv-shows, for ceremonies or when she is on track with Fernando !

And it's a good choice ! This brand fits her so well !
Which one is your fav' ? she often wears it with some Louboutins, the best shoes ever ;-)