samedi 22 janvier 2011

Raquel wears PepeJeans ???

In a recent interview, Raquel told she loves the brand Pepejeans... So i asked myself : did she wear Pepejeans ?

The only clothe i found is this one, a top from s/s 2009 collection !

So if you know some other clothes she wore from Pepejeans let me know !

Raquel loves Topshop

Raquel and ESDM made a concert for the new Martini Rosato last summer in Madrid ! For this event, everything was pink !

I really loved Raquel's outfit, at the same time cute and rock'n roll !

The pink dress is from Topshop (26 euros), the shoes from Jeffrey Campbell (180 euros) and the watch from Viceroy (139 euros).

Do you like it ?

Raquel also wore a striped dress by Topshop (30 euros) for a concert in Oviedo for raising money to help Haiti. She wore it with some Louboutin Very Prive (495 euros)

For an other concert last summer, she wore a simple black dress by this brand. She also has shared the dress with her sister Marta, who wore it for the fashion week in Madrid.

I already made a post about a floral dress she wore at the Singapore gp last year and for a show this summer.

vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Raquel's sunglasses

Even if she often wears different brands (as Marc Jacobs), Raquel loves 2 brands : Viceroy and Rayban with the "wayfarer" and the "4125".

Which ones do you prefer ?

mardi 18 janvier 2011

Camouflage style

For a concert in Toledo, Raquel wore a "camouflage style" with this dress by Hakei and some Vic Matié suede shoes (245 euros)

I don't really like this dress because it seems she took a size XL while she needs a Small ! And the shoes are not my fav...

Summer style

For a big show at the end of august, Raquel wore this cute yellow dress from Asos (50euros) with her Louboutin Very Prive (495 euros).

She already wore this outfit for a show in february.

I usually don't like white shoes, but with this dress (and her tan) it's nice !

Flash-back look : Malaysian gp

For the 2010 Malaysian gp, Raquel was gorgeous !

On saturday, she wore a sexy dress from Ted Baker with amazing shoes from Urban Outitters and Viceroy sunglasses ! I really love this outfit, and you ?

On sunday, she opted for a really fresh look with a cute dress from Supré, some Raybans, a cute Chanel 2.55 bag and some sandals from Urban outfitters too (from Deena and Ozzy).

I really love this outfit too !

Raquel's accessories

Here are some accessories Raquel wore last year :