mardi 14 décembre 2010

Raquel is Angel Schlesser gorgeous !

For the FIA Gala 2010, Raquel was simply AMAZING in that stunning dress from spanish designer Angel Schlesser !

I really love the shape of the dress and it's really a miss that we don't have pictures of the whole outfit on Raquel ! The color is just perfect on her !

I just wanna thanks "wynonaforever" who found the designer of the dress, thanks thanks thanks !

mardi 7 décembre 2010

Zara makes Raquel cuuute !

Raquel looked so cute when she went to the spanish congrès for the reading of constitution !

I really love her new red boots (79,95 euros). and this little dress is perfect on her (39,95 euros). Both from Zara.

Even when she often wears luxury brand, Raquel is staying addict to the spanish brands like Zara ! And it's good for us (we have a chance to dress ourself like her ;-) )

Raquel and Forever 21

Raquel really loves the brand "Forever 21". She told in an interview that she loves going to their shop when she is in the USA. They have really nice dresses and the prices are amazing !

I love this one, really cute ! Do you love it ? Raquel wore it during the malaysian gp, but too for a concert in Las Palmas, with Marc Jacobs sunglasses and Aldo shoes.

For a concert in Taracon, she wore again a striped dress from this brand ! This dress is cute !

She also had a really coloured one (27 euros) for another concert last may.

But she also love their t'shirt, just as this one that she wore for a romantic walk in Monaco with her husband.

Do you love this brand ? And do you think that it fits Raquel well ?

vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Nespresso, what else ?

For a "decontracted' event in Oviedo, Raquel made some re-use : she wore her Lydia Delgado skirt and some classy Louboutin : her Miss 120 (she wore them in the vidéoclip "gente" and during the fashion-week last year). She also wore these bracelets before.

I love her curly hair and this elegant outfit.