dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Raquel del Rosario @hungarian gp

This week end, Raquel attended the hungarian gp. She
wore really cute outfits !

On saturday: a cream dress with long sleeves from H&M (17euros), a gold belt from Zara (20euros), amazing sandals (from a small store in Singapore) and Rayban sunglasses. She had a yellow pocket for her Ipad.

On sunday, she wore a blue and brown patterned long dress from Forever 21,a light pink vest, some flats sandals and a cute light blue scarf from Ardene (10euros).

Both days, she carried her beautiful See By Chloe bag.

Do you love these 2 looks ? I do !
For saturday, i love the amazing heels who give a classy touch to the whole outfit. But i'm not a big fan of aviator's sunglasses.
For sunday's outfit, i like the colours combination, with the blue scarf for a fresh touch.

samedi 16 juillet 2011

Raquel in "Hoy Mujer" magazine

Raquel made a stunning photoshoot for "Hoy Mujer" : it looks really really really fashion, with designer's clothes, artistic pose and ... photoshop ! Btw, i love it, especially cause it doesn't look like what she does usually !

It's so artistic, she is looking like a real model ! Her legs are unbelievable !

Dress and shoes from Dior Spring-Summer 2011 (don't even want to know the prices !)

Rain coat from Vuitton "Cruise collection" (SS2011) - around 2.500$

Zara's sandals (89,95 euros)

Loewe dress + bracelets
Zara pumps (99euros)
So, do you love it ???

Raquel : angel y demonio

During some free time, Raquel made a "mini report" for us on the 'ange or demon' theme. She wore different outfits (2 for each side).

Here are the pictures

left : see picture above
right : dress from "El Hangar" - bracelet from Mango

Left: dress by H&M - ankle's bracelets from Asos
Right : Dress by Zara - headband from Ardene- ring from Diva

So, which one do you prefer ? I think the "Angel" side is more my taste, especially on Raquel. It looks more like things she wears usually.

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Look for an Ewan day on bike !

Raquel shared on her blogsome pictures of her new Ewan bike: sooo cute !

On the pictures she wore her usual Rayban Wayfarer, a cute cute cute dress from Paul&Joe Sister and some cotton flats from Mary Jane for Urban Outfitters. The headband is from H&M !

+ : I'm so in love with this dress. I love the fact Raquel is wearing a belt with the dress to "break" the line. And blue is a colour "in" this summer, the sunglasses are perfect !
-  : No "-" this time, perfect look ! But i know some people don't like the fringes (it's not my case, i love them!)
What do you think about this outfit ?

You can buy the dress here http://www1.yoox.com/item/YOOX/PAUL+%26+JOE+SISTER/dept/clothingwomen/tskay/6556E1E7/rr/1/cod10/34187120HX/sts/sr_clothingwomen80