lundi 21 février 2011

Sanremo 2011 : Luciano Barachini shoes

At the Sanremo's festival, Raquel had the opportunity to wear some shoes from the italian brand Luciano Barachini.
She also had the luck to wear one of their model from the fall/winter 2012 collection (right picture) !
Isn't she lucky ?
I really love their shoes : elegant and sophisticated ! I'm not sure the pair she wore on the second day are from this brand...

dimanche 20 février 2011

Sanremo : saturday night look

For the last evening in Sanremo, Raquel choose a spanish designer, with this dress from Lydia Delgado (spring/summer 2011). She wore a nice pair of red Louboutin.

Do you like this outfit ? it's really not my fav !!! I don't like the shape and the color... Raquel has a perfect body and this dress doesn't fit her well...

But i love the shoes and the hairdo !

Sanremo 2011 : Vote !

Sanremo festival is already over, it's time to vote for your favourite outfit, hairdo, dress, shoes !

Do you love Raquel's looks ?

mercredi 16 février 2011

San Remo "backstage"

During the festival of San Remo, Raquel is making a lot of interviews, photoshoot, etc.

Even if she opts for a more casual look "of-stage", she stays "chic" with her Chanel 2.55 black bag, her Rayban Wayfarer or with this cute necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I really love her top (but don't know the brand).

But as i said, she choose comfy clothes and shoes : Loose tops, coton t'shirts, jeans were her usual way to dress.

I love her new "Pepe-jeans" trouser (90 euros) : black but a little bit "shining", sooo elegant !

She has 2 new pairs of Hector boots : one in red (really cute !),
and the other in black. I'm mad of these boots !

She also wore sneakers (by Puma) to do some PR work.

dimanche 13 février 2011

Buckled sandals by Urban Outfitters

This summer, Raquel liked the trend of the straps sandals : she had two pairs from Sandro, but also a less expansive pair by Deena and Ozzy for Urban Outfitters (+-60 euros in place of 295euros for the Sandro).
She wore them for a few shows this summer.

Do you like it ?

I don't really like them : they look cheap and i don't like suede. I do prefer the ones from Sandro (in leather and so elegant and rock'n roll).

Miu Miu bag

Raquel has a new luxury bag from MiuMiu : really elegant and classic.
I love the color perfect for all seasons, and the shape.
I'm mad about the jacket she is wearing on this picture but can't find it...
Price of the bag : around 990 euros.