lundi 11 octobre 2010

Raquel in Japan

For this week end of Gp, Raquel choose some casual, but chic, clothes to feel comfortable and appropriated to the changing weather of Suzuka !

On saturday, she wore a lined t'shirt from h&m, a black militaey jacket from French Connection (90 euros), jeans from MET and boots with laces (from Asos ?). I really love this necklace with a red heart, but don't know the brand.

On sunday, a printed t'shirt from h&m divided (12,95eu), a lace skirt from Zara TRF (22,95 eu) , and some indian boots from Hector (180eu). She didn't forget her Rayban sunglasses !

I like these oufit, and especially the boots of sunday, do you like it ?

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi! I think the shoes from Saturday are from Zara (2010/2011 Autumn-Winter).

  2. The shoes with laces are from Hazel :)