lundi 30 janvier 2012

Fashion flash-back : Raquel and Nikita

I've already made some post about Raquel wearing Nikita (here, here and here), but i just found some things to add.

For a show in 2008, Raquel wore this yeallow halter top with some jeans and sneakers.

During a promo session in 2006 (i think), Raquel wore this long tank top (29€)

To support Fernando in Japan in 2008, Raquel choose this Nikita t-shirt to complete a total black-look (29€).
She has the same in pink, she wore it for a promo session in 2009.

Raquel wore this dress from Nikita 2008 collection for another show with ESDM in 2008. I know you're a lot of people to love it, unfortunately it's out of stock... (33,50€ in sales)

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