jeudi 23 février 2012

"Dias de promo" - part 1

So, did you buy "Buscamos Sonrisas" ? Of course i did, and i looove it ! My favourites songs are "Momentos dormidos", "lo mejor esta por llegar", "Sera esta vez" and "Llueve".

BTW, Raquel and the boys had a lot of work since the 14th, they made a lot of PR, interview, photoshoots, etc. During all these days, Raquel wore different outfits (of course) but all in a casual style. Let's see :

First look, a striped sweater with a coloured skirt (probably from Pull&Bear), with her usual YVes Saint Laurent bag.

Of course she wore her amazing Steve Madden biker boots (with a black jacket she wore a thousand times by the past) for a look "mas rockero"

For the show in the FNAC of Las Palmas, Raquel wore a jacket from Topshop (pic of the center), with a red skirt (Pull&Bear) and boots bought in Japan.

For the show in Madrid (left pic), Raquel choose a comfy look, with grey jacket, PDA pants and Zara red boots (from 2011 winter)

Esdm attended the famous show "El Hormiguero". Raquel wore a dress from American retro and some Louboutin.

To appear in the tv show "Otra Movida", Raquel wore a tunic from Topshop, with red pants (from Bershka probably). It remember me a look of another tv show in 2008.

On the 21st, ESDM was in Barcelone to attend some tv/radio programs. Raquel wore a top from Forever21 (already wore by the past), and some boots from Zara (idem).

thanks to for the pic !

And at least, yesterday, Raquel wore a tank from Topshop, some jeans and her Zara boots to perform in Barcelona.

Do you love these looks ? I do !

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