lundi 16 avril 2012

Raquel in California

As you probably know, Raquel enjoyed a well deserved vacations in California last week.

She made some posts on her blog and send a lot of amazing pictures on her instagram.

Here are some clothes she was wearing while visiting California.

Levi's jacket, Zara bag and flats, Mango bangles and Wayfarer sunglasses
(definitely the best look, i looove everything !!)

Mango plastic bangles again (5.99€ for both)

Bimba y Lola bag (140€)

Amazing Zara studded boots (100€)

Zara simple ballet flats (uggly, i hate them !) - 35€

Urban outfitters hat, Zara jumper, shorts (22,95€) and flats

Stradivarius pants

Which one do you prefer ? I'm MAD MAD MAD of the first one, with floral pants and denim jacket !!! I'm almost sure Raquel will post new pictures on her blog about her american trip so stay connected ;-)

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