mercredi 16 février 2011

San Remo "backstage"

During the festival of San Remo, Raquel is making a lot of interviews, photoshoot, etc.

Even if she opts for a more casual look "of-stage", she stays "chic" with her Chanel 2.55 black bag, her Rayban Wayfarer or with this cute necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I really love her top (but don't know the brand).

But as i said, she choose comfy clothes and shoes : Loose tops, coton t'shirts, jeans were her usual way to dress.

I love her new "Pepe-jeans" trouser (90 euros) : black but a little bit "shining", sooo elegant !

She has 2 new pairs of Hector boots : one in red (really cute !),
and the other in black. I'm mad of these boots !

She also wore sneakers (by Puma) to do some PR work.

2 commentaires:

  1. Alors là je suis dingue de ses bottes ! surtout les rouges ! elles ont l'air hyper confortables et pas si chères que ça car elles doivent durer longtemps .
    son new jean "Pepe jeans" est super chic mais confortable et en plus ça va avec tout .