mercredi 22 juin 2011

Raquel in Telva magazine

Raquel is again in a spanish magazine this week. She was asked about her favourite place to travel, and she choose Japan !

For the photoshoot, she wore a shirt from Stella Forest, A skirt from Paul&Joe and cute suede sandals from Jimmy Choo !

I like this outfit, but it's a little bit too strict for Raquel.

+ : the colours, the high waist of the skirt
- : lack of modern jewels (maybe she wore them but we don't see them on the picture)

4 commentaires:

  1. It is strange that Raquel wears a skirt like this!!She always prefers mini skirts and short dresses!!

  2. Hi Melodie!!Thanks for visiting my blog!!The prize of the streaped T-shirt which I bought is 42 €, the other prizes I don't know. I am going to visit the Ewan shop in Gijón the next week and I would like to buy the asimetric one but I think it will be unavailable becuse when I got the other I had to wait a lot because it was unavailable too. I will tell you after going there the prizes!!!

  3. Hey how are you??

    Raquel looks amazing in that photo!! We follow you now! :)

  4. Podium de Fernando à domicile <3